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Solar Flare Infrared Heater

solar flare infrared heater

    infrared heater
  • An infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the temperature of the emitting body, the wavelength of the infrared radiation ranges from 780 nm to 1 mm.

  • An infrared or radiant furnace is one that uses infrared lamps, electric heating elements, flames, or radiant tubes to heat the product.  Although the heaters may also heat the furnace gasses, the primary heat source is radiant heating.  See Infrared Heaters below.

  • A source of heat-producing wavelengths, longer than visible light, which do not heat the air through which they pass, but only those objects in the line of sight.

    solar flare
  • a sudden eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface; associated with sunspots and radio interference

  • A brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface, associated with sunspots and causing electromagnetic disturbances on the earth, as with radio frequency communications and power line transmissions

  • (SOLAR FLARES) A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the sun, which appears to be a very bright spot, and a gaseous surface eruption. Solar flares are classified based upon their x-ray energy output at peak burst intensity.

  • A solar flare is a large explosion in the Sun's atmosphere that can release as much as 6 ? 1025 joules of energy(about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second). The term is also used to refer to similar phenomena in other stars, where the term stellar flare applies.



NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this view of a powerful M3.6 Class solar flare on Feb. 24, 2011 during a 90-minute sun storm. NASA scientists called the display a "monster prominence" that kicked up a huge plasma wave.

Solar Flare!

Solar Flare!

Do you like solar flares? I like solar flares.

solar flare infrared heater

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