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Oil Room Heater

oil room heater

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Jan 10 2011

Jan 10 2011

Today I was given the all clear to start driving again so I go back to work tomorrow. I've come to love this oil heater that has kept me warm for the past couple of months.

Today's photo was a toss up between this and a hot water bottle because this alone isn't enough to keep the room warm enough. I needed the hot water bottle, dressing gown, scarf and occasionally a hat too!

need art for walls

need art for walls

My living room on the day when I've spent all day out. Thrown huge Crumpler on lounge to get laptop back out. Bookcase now full, dining suite/desk and my beloved oil column heater which keeps the room a few degrees above freezing.

Really need to get some more painting done because man that wall is boring.

oil room heater

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